Published on January 6, 2007 By DrDonald In Poetry
Oh pillow embroidered for human warmth
Moreau would find peace within your fabric

Inside their microscopic vivisected logic
Abomination: A clamouring denial for the whole

Of your sacred preciousness
And of their own.

on Jan 06, 2007
Dr D - I am embarrassed to say - I do not understand it at all, it has gone way over my head... can you enlighten me?
on Jan 06, 2007
Thanks, Sabrina.

Jennifer, I apologise in advance for an enigmatic explanation, but here it is. I trust you to find meaning in the poem if you will, that way it will be yours as well as mine.
on Jan 07, 2007
No, I don't mind, Sabrina. The image I used was that of a pillow that had a human face embroidered onto it. The abomination is not the disabled person but the way we objectify a person and see them as clay, not as sacred (render to God what is God's and unto Caesar what is Caesar's). The abomination is also how common sense, the big picture, is lost through long chains of small logical arguments each of which seems perfectly reasonable. Finally, we don't just devalue the disabled through this process, we do it to ourselves. Your adept analysis and uneasy bafflement are each, however, equally valid reactions to the poem. It is, after all, just a poem.
on Jan 07, 2007
Here's a clue, jen.

Thank you LW ...I do appreciate the poem now thoroughly.
on Jan 08, 2007
Ok - I had to read this about 7 times, but now I finally get it. Very well done.

Thanks for the perspective - the slow-witted Moskowitz
on Jan 08, 2007
Buddah, it sounds like you're the type that loves a challenge. For a sweet treat, read a real delight: "The Emperor of Ice Cream".

Think about the meaning. Then, read four interpretations.

Yes, Sabrina, of course, you're right. And I agree, also from first hand experience, that personal freedom must be valued and fought for to be maintained. Mental health issues for me.

"getup stannup...stannup for your rights.....getup stannup...don't give up de fight" -be glad there is no audio, be very, very glad. My kids aren't so lucky.