Published on January 28, 2007 By DrDonald In Poetry
Meter this, but matter that
Bother this, then bother that
Freaking, tweaking, birthing, shrieking
Which beguiling muse begat

Questioning, unquestioning
Wrestling, then nestling
This cursed gift that heaven sent
Hell envies every sweet torment
Which sin is it I must repent
To rid me of this malcontent

That's that. Thou brat.
( ..Broody moody festering, endless impish pestering… )

on Jan 28, 2007
Excellant!  What I would write if I was talented enough.
on Jan 29, 2007
I tried to write somerthing like this before, see WWW Link
but wasn't as successful as you were.

Thanks for the writing.
on Jan 29, 2007
Thanks Dr. Guy - I guess we both have OCD then. And you are talented!

Thanks for the link Buddah - your stuff always leaves me feeling better than when I started, and with a smile plastered to my face. It's always high praise coming from you!
on Jan 30, 2007
I appreciate the effort anyway. What you did tell me makes the imagination run wild, and it does seem sufficient.
Thank you, thank you.
on Jan 30, 2007
I too enjoyed this immensely. Loved the title as well.