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April 7, 2007 by DrDonald
Prose or poem. I don't know which. Some thoughts, I guess.


fury in the stormfading lightbehind the eyessleeping babe inchurchstranger in theshadows' piercing gazebegetter andbirther bothmilk that satesthe hungry pitsilence in thestillnesscomfort in thecrowdpattern in theweaveelegance in thewholeabsence in thelonelinesstreasure in the groundfrustration in theglimpseaftertaste ofpromiseyou turn thecornerwhere are you now

March 25, 2007 by DrDonald
That part which I thought broken
is the only part that's whole.
It helped me reach beyond myself
into my very soul.

Not demon at the gate, I see
trying to get in
But a soldier gone into the breach
against oblivion

My life you risked, I hated you
you brother Caine in me
Your motto: to try everything
to set our spirits free

When I had almost lost it all
you showed yourself to be
a reflection of His love
His creativity

Then helped me take another risk,
a death defying lun...
February 10, 2007 by DrDonald
If she from grace did
fall it was
not dark desire
but fatal flaw
that brought her
to our midst.

Oblivion and Passion Lost
are we.
Within this putrid place
for all to see
our shaded husks,
forgotten schemes,
exploited and abandoned
teens and tots.

Now, claustrophobic dreams
Has she of
getting, using
getting, using
endlessly, each time

sweet vein and blush
of blood envelopes
like a flood

February 9, 2007 by DrDonald
"I dare not try to make the angels cry," thought he,

"because I'm scared they might get mad at me.

Instead I hope that soon I might be safe,

away from fear and shame and also hate

...and not to carry this alone but share the load."

Someday inside these words if truth be told
January 28, 2007 by DrDonald
Meter this, but matter that
Bother this, then bother that
Freaking, tweaking, birthing, shrieking
Which beguiling muse begat

Questioning, unquestioning
Wrestling, then nestling
This cursed gift that heaven sent
Hell envies every sweet torment
Which sin is it I must repent
To rid me of this malcontent

That's that. Thou brat.
( ..Broody moody festering, endless impish pestering… )
January 6, 2007 by DrDonald
Oh pillow embroidered for human warmth
Moreau would find peace within your fabric

Inside their microscopic vivisected logic
Abomination: A clamouring denial for the whole

Of your sacred preciousness
And of their own.